Tuesday, August 3, 2010

 The Jewel
The traveler is the diamond spark, the soul.
The traveler is the jewel between the eyes.
The traveler is you.

The satisfactions of the mind distracted the body like the glittered setting that holds the counterfeit gems.
Profit and excess hide the path.
Like the velvet cloth covers the diamonds.
And the traveler goes in fear, for thieves and robbers.
The traveler, the diamond spark, the soul stands alone.

Therefore the wise traveler becomes the sage.
Only holding on to what is permanent.
The sage never claims to have a soul.
What a traveler has can be stolen, or broken or lost.
The traveler is the soul.
The Soul is the traveler.
The Soul is You.

Take this truth or not.
The journey will happen anyways and you will travel.
This is not a choice.
The only choice is how you travel.

Consciousness is everything.
Losing the soul consciousness the traveler carries the 1001 fears with all their names.
These all are extra weight, unnecessary baggage.
The road will seem longer, the journey more difficult.
Remember who you are, you travel light.
Remember who you are! And Travel light!


The wise traveler walks alone, for the path at the top is narrow.
There’s room only for two and the other is Truth.
Truth is a companion faithful through time.
And so the wise traveler never fears solitude.

And you are the traveler unique and undivided, never absorbed.
For the path may run alongside another for awhile; a journey sometimes shared.
But the only companion permanent through time is Truth.

Like it or not we stand alone, so we might as well like it.
And the wise traveler keeps the Lord of Truth like a jewel in the heart, the guarantee that solitude is never empty.

7 Keys

And the lord of light gives you the seven keys.
The first is the jewel between the eyes.
Without this key no door will open.
With it the journey begins.
The journey begun—the traveler chooses direction.
Right direction brings light, for no journeys in the dark is beset by enemies.

Know Me

You do not need to bend time to find it. It is all easier than you have been told.
Simply change your consciousness
Know Yourself.
Know Your Self.

You are the jewel between you own eyes
Know this and come.
The Sage is guided by what he feels and not by what he sees.
Come and know me, with your mind.
Minds travel faster than light.


Without leaving home the traveler conjures the past and imagines the future.
The sage careful of his destination, travels to a destination outside of time.
Golden, red light.
Here union happens.

It is the light that purifies.
It is here, the traveler become the sage.
Father and child, union of silence.
This is YOGA.
You the incorporeal, with your incorporeal Father relationship.
Just for a moment, just where you are let your thought slip into silence.

Be Still

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